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Product Description

Our raffle machines are UK made and built to last - that is why they carry a 24 month warranty.

Buying from us means you will not have to buy a replacement for a long, long time.

These raffle machines are designed to randomly draw numbers for your raffle or tote.

All you have to do is enter the first and last number of the tickets sold, press the button, and the raffle machine will give you the winning numbers.

This is the most versatile and clearest 6 digit raffle machine on the UK market.


  • Adjustable to any length of game
  • 6 digits (1 to 999,999)
  • Tote Double game (01 to 99)
  • Tote Treble game (01 to 999)
  • Raffle Play Off
  • Guaranteed 100 non repeating draw numbers
  • Adjustable 1 to 10 second spin of the display pattern generator with sound effects to add excitment and tension to your draws
  • Dirt and moisture proof keyboard
  • Sealed long life keyboard with clear and instructive keys
  • Hand held plunger for drawing numbers

Facility to set:

  • Start and finish numbers of the draw
  • Non repeat / repeat of numbers
  • Error clear

Game checking facilities:

  • Check back of all numbers drawn
  • Draw counter
  • Number of tickets sold
  • Start and finishing number

LED and prompt indicators:

  • Power
  • Raffle
  • Tote
  • Start number
  • Finish number
  • Ready
  • Roll-Over Mode (Enables a continuous sale of tickets without waste)
  • Spin Lock when Start/Finish number setting is incorrect

Product Specification

  • Height: 180mm
  • Width: 369mm
  • Depth: 159mm
  • Weight: 3 Kg
  • Six solid segment red LED displays, digits 57mm (2.25") high
Mains 230V/50Hz supply, mains switch

24 month manufacturer’s warranty
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