EME Ltd - Clear Raffle Drum, Large

Clear Raffle Drum, Large

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Product Description

Add some pizzazz to Raffle with these fantastic UK made drums!
All our drums are weighted so that once the drum has stopped spinning, the opening panel faces upwards, so the panel can be convieniantly opened so winning tickets can be drawn!

Constructed from aluminium and plastic materials, making it lightweight and durable, our drums are guaranteed to last, while always looking the part.

Our drums appear on TV, as well as at half time events at Premiership Football stadiums, and at exhibitions for the purpose of collecting business cards.


  • Suitable for all types of Tickets, Balls, Counters, Discs & Business Cards
  • Smooth rotation
  • Easy opening panel
  • Clean white interior
  • Attractive design consisting of 6 brightly coloured panels that are red, yellow and blue
  • Drum is mounted on a sturdy metal desktop stand

This drum can hold & shuffle approximately:

  • 65,000 Cloakroom Tickets
  • 20,000 Business Cards*
  • 1,300 Ping Pong Balls

The estimations above are based on our recommendations of a maximum half full drum.

* Bear in mind that although one ticket or business may not weigh a lot, we do not recommend you use more than 15,000 business cards as the accumulative weight will affect the spin of the drum.

Product Specification

  • Height: 490mm
  • Length:  665mm
  • Drum Diameter: 515mm
  • Drum Volume: 103 litres
  • Weight: 7kg
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