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Product Description

50p Pull Tab Ticket.

This ticket is perfect for smaller clubs whos members get excited about the meat raffle or for clubs who do not want to have a high first prize due to size of the float needed in their tills.

This winning prizes from this set of tickets is sure to be spent on pints or crips and therefore the money won remains in the club.

Overprinting available.

Product Specification

Ticket Price: 50p

Set Size: 2700

Tickets Game Income: £1350.00

Total Payout: £955.00

Gross Profit: £395.00

Payout Percentage: 70.74%

Winner Ratio: 1 in 6.07

Total Prizes:


  • 10 x £50
  • 5 x £20
  • 25 x £5
  • 55 x £1
  • 350 x £0.50


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