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OZD 500

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Product Description

AirPur OZD 500 removes ozone from indoor locations where ozone is an unwanted by-product or escapes during manufacturing or other processes. This includes:

Print rooms using UV cured inks.

Large photocopier or printer rooms.

High voltage or switchgear plant rooms.

Bottling plant using ozone to sterilise water.

Electrostatic environment or welding plants.

Ozone chambers.



Compact, portable or wall bracket mounted.

Destroys ozone by catalytic process. Does not use chemicals.

Easily replaceable filters.

Indoor use only.

Low running costs.


Product Specification

Dimensions 420 x 265 x 225mm
Air Flow rate 295m3 per hour
Mains supply 230V/50Hz - 80W
Weight 9kg approx
CE Approval Electrical Safety
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