EME Ltd - Wireless Bingo, Slave Unit 1

Wireless Bingo, Slave Unit 1

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Product Description

102mm (4") high bright red audience display

Choose as many Slave displays to go with your Wireless Bingo System as you need. Slaves can be placed anywhere within the game area, provided there is a mains supply within reach. Can be used on a desktop, fixed directly to a wall or mounted using our Wall Bracket. Slave Units are controlled via high frequency radio waves transmitted from the Master Unit meaning no more troublesome wiring! Allows your players to see the numbers called from anywhere in the room!

Product Specification

Height = 205mm (8")
Width = 210mm (8 ¼")
Depth = 53mm (2¼")
Weight = 1.2 kg
Audience display 102mm (4") high, clear bright red, solid segment display.
Can be controlled wirelessly by Master Unit 1
230V / 50Hz mains supply, mains switch

About Our Machines

EME LTD manufactures the most comprehensive range of electronic bingo machines to suit the size and type of a bingo venue as well as the customer’s budget. The height of the audience display usually determines user’s choice of machine. 

We use only the best durable engineering materials, components and expert design to support and maintain the quality of our products. 

As with all our leisure products, our bingo machines are expertly built to last so we can offer you a 24 month warranty. Their quality and timeless smart design means that they will last for years to come.
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