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Bountiful Booty

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Product Description

£1 Pull Tab Ticket. This ticket has more high end prizes but at a lower value and lots of low end prizes, so the ratio of winning is very high at 1 in every 4.4 tickets. This is designed to keep the money within the club.

The lowest prize paid is £0.50. Whilst we understand that customers do not place a bet to earn less than their stake, this allows for a greater number of winning tickets. These low denominations that are won are then spent on site thus keeping money within the establishment.

Overprinting available.

Product Specification

Ticket Price: £1

Set Size: 2700

Tickets Game Income: £2700.00

Total Payout: £1890.00

Gross Profit: £810.00

Payout Percentage: 70.00%

Winner Ratio: 1 in 4.36

Total Prizes:


  • 5 x £200
  • 4 x £100
  • 10 x £10
  • 20 x £5
  • 580 x £0.50


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