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Product Description

£1 Pull Tab Ticket.

Larger clubs like having a range of tickets with the same denomination but different payout structures. This ticket gives the end user two large top prizes and lots of little prizes to keep them coming back for more.

By having two or more top prizes, this insures that there is always another top prize to come out.

Other companies offer huge top prizes such as £1000 based on a £1 stake, but be aware of the set size and the number of top prizes. The last thing a club wants is tickets that do not sell as the top prize has already gone.

Overprinting available.

Product Specification

Ticket Price: £1.00

Set Size: 2700

Tickets Game Income: £2700.00

Total Payout: £1892.00

Gross Profit: £808.00

Payout Percentage: 70.07%

Winner Ratio: 1 in 13.92

Total Prizes:

  • 2 x £501
  • 2 x £180
  • 2 x £50
  • 3 x £20
  • 185 x £2
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